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ProximoTech for Businesses

ProximoTech for Businesses is the business-to-business division of ProximoTech, focusing on providing IT & office products across all industries. Businesses and organizations can take advantage of a range of features such as purchasing goods on credit, Net 30 Day Terms, volume discounts, low cost bulk shipping, and live inventory status. Whether you are a small business owner, CEO, teacher, independent contractor, or government employee, ProximoTech looks forward to earning your business as you continue to develop your own.

Why choose us for your business

As a national business-to-business reseller of electronic products, ProximoTech ensures a best practice combination of customized products and expert services at attractive prices.

Here's what we do differently:

  • We offer same day shipping
  • We offer the ability to purchase goods on credit
  • We are client focused with proven experience in design, product recommendation, and implementation of complex multi-vendor IT solutions
  • We aggressively price products and offer a high service level that saves you time and money
  • Our secure and comprehensive customized business-to-business e-commerce site allows clients to view real time pricing and availability; and access invoices and order status