Blog Design

Blogs are used for different reasons, but the main one is self-promotion and making the best out of your blog. To make the best out of it, one needs not only the great content, but great look as well.

ProximoTech can help you promote your blog- whether it's a business blog or a personal journal- by creating a unique, professional and artistic skin for it, increasing its' interactivity with your visitors by adding various plugins and widgets. We'll install your blog skin, integrate all the plugins needed and SEO-optimize it, making sure your every need is met!

We have a team of professional designers and developers dedicated to blog related work - be it custom blog design or website development or advanced custom plugins. Our team specializes in most of the popular blogging platforms which includes WordPress, Blogger, Expression Engine and Tumblr.

ProximoTech can guarantee you a cutting-edge blog design, created by our experienced designers. Our company will provide you with a professional solutions, free quote and free blog - related advice. We know how to create a great custom blog skin, which will make your blog look more professional and outstanding. If you buy a blog skin elsewhere, our company will help you integrate it with your current site, so that your blog design and your site look consistent and has a unique feel.